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Eliezer Batista
Technology Manager for Best Practices at Alcoa

I worked with Joel for almost 9 years during his period at ALCOA. Although he has never managed me directly, Joel had a considerable impact on my personal development and professional choices.

Right from our first one-on-one meeting, which impressed me a great deal, and over the years to come, I could learn and practice with him several competencies such as progressive self-awareness, learning with enjoyment, powerful messages, heartfelt living the values of the company, leadership by example (his “walk the talk”), strong and sincere openness for giving and receiving feedback, and incredible ability to inspire and spark people passion for seeking and delivering great results.

People followed him because they really knew they could count on him and in his words, following as a result that the areas/departments and plants under his management and leadership very soon acquired and developed strong characteristics of high performing teams, which granted them a lot of remarkable results, many of them very well recognized wordwide.

After Joel left ALCOA, he wrote a book, “Conduzindo a própria mudança” (Leading your own change at the book), which helps people deal with transitions and changes, and which has been encouraging me to come past my comfort zones and take it as a permanent habit for my personal and professional growth.

Soon after he decided to become a coach&mentor, he helped me a lot to improve my performance and get prepared for future professional changes. He guided me through a transformational learning experience which helped me become more open for different possibilities and perspectives. This coaching&mentoring was one of the relevant enablers for my recent job achievements. Joel has very well structured means for coaching&mentoring – he facilitates active learning and helps a person to find out his/her own gaps through a critical process of reflection.

I am deeply grateful to Joel for providing me with countless benefits from this coaching&mentoring experience.

21 de agosto de 2013

Nicolai Cursino
Director and Consultant at Iluminatta Business Human Development

Joel Câmara is a highly skilled professional Coach. His experience as a top level leader at Alcoa joins his international education as a Business Coach and also several other human deleopment tools, such as NLP, Enneagram, and others. As a human being he is profound on his quests and focused on results. I do recomend Joel Camara as a coach, speaker and business consultant.

1 de março de 2013

David Ó Beagáin
Corporate Governance | Investor Relations

“To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now.” Samuel Beckett. Joel is an artist. In ‘Driving your own change’ he finds the form and shares it generously!” I highly recommend Joel, he is a forerunner to our better future.

14 de agosto de 2012

Francisco Schwab
Operations Director

Trabalhamos juntos por 9 anos na Alumar e pude comprovar que Joel é um profissional diferenciado, altamente responsável, que busca a excelência em tudo o que faz, preservando sempre relacionamentos positivos em todos os níveis. Dedicando-se a fundo em cada desafio, tem demonstrado determinação, capacidade de adaptação e evolução constante, que levam a marca de uma grande inteligência e cultura. Sua trajetória profissional e pessoal é notável, capacitando-o a apoiar e inspirar aos demais, como já tem feito com inúmeras pessoas com quem tem tido contato.

14 de janeiro de 2011

Paulo Miotto
New Business Development Manager at Rhodia

Not only is Joel an extraordinary professional, but also an fantastic human being. I have interacted with Joel for almost ten years and I could record here a wide list of challenges we faced together during this period, which some of them made a difference for many people/organizations. I would say that his strongest characteristic is wisdom, with all meaning behind this definition. An interaction with Joel requires courage and desire of learning, always going deep in our expectations/plans/self-knowledge, which makes this experience unique and valuable.

21 de novembro de 2010

Paulo Dangelo
Operations excellence manager working at Vale S.A

I had the pleasure to work with Joel while he worked at Alumar. Joel is passionate about his job and he is a real leader, coaching and determing direction and speed to his team. He turned the production system of the carbon area (which he managed) from push to pull in only 40 days proving to everyone that toyota principles could be applied in a process industry.

28 de setembro de 2010

Andy Paice
Coach & Facilitator, Freelance Translator

Joel has a heartfelt desire to make a difference and to help individuals to make the changes that make life truly fulfilling. His extensive studies in coaching and personal development bring wisdom, authenticity and compassion to his work. As a coachee I have gained insight and strength from our sessions.

21 de fevereiro de 2013